Astrologer in Pune

Among the Astrologers in Pune, Ajay Shastri is the best.

Ajay Shastri is a well-known personality, not only in Pune but many parts of India. He also has to his reputation, many clients from various regions of the world, like South America, United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, West Africa, South Africa, Spain and many more countries.

It’s correct to say that Ajay Shastri is a world famous black magic specialist.

With valuable experience in the practice of palm reading, Ajay has the interpretations and answers to over thousands of horoscopes.

He will carefully estimate your birth chart and provide the answer to your problems. Ajay’s guidance will positively set the course of events in your life and position you for greatness. His accurate methods will help you advance in career, business, marriage, etc.

Born in India and from a family in the Brahmin priesthood and enchanters, the Love Psychic Astrologer, Ajay Shastri is a person capable and knowledgeable about his spiritual journey at a very youthful age.  His knowledge of astrology, Vedic, Palmistry, and Tantric rituals, was inherited from his predecessors. He made his gift of spiritual knowledge gained from his father in the field at auger, London, and great-grandfather in Kerala (India).

He is also a Vashikaran Specialist known for his excellent command of the tantra and mantra. If you want to know in which situation Vashi Karan Mantra applies, just ask Ajay Shastri.

After grabbing his Vashi Karan education from his father; known by blessing the pioneer in the world of Vashi Karan, He blessed his son with the same powers.

Today, Ajay Shastri is an expert in reading zodiac signs, analyzing planetary positions, interpretation of adopted Shastra.

He has combined the knowledge of the use of crystals in ancient India, for enhancing the aura, with the help of ‘Crystal Healing’. He integrates ancient knowledge of mystics, yogic kriyas, Reiki, Agnihotra and use of tantras and mantras and has brought tremendous benefit to a large number of his clients.

Astrology with Ajay Shastri

 Why Consult With Ajay Shastri?

Consult with Ajay Shastri because his services are based on his expertise, passion for this science along with many years of experience and endless knowledge.

He is the most honored astrology specialist in Pune because he has:

  • Comprehensive knowledge, expertise and ability to understand every type of problem and situation at any given time.
  • Systematic and accurate approach towards Indian Astrology.
  • Ability to render extensive psychological aid while counseling.
  • Counseling on independent psychical health complimented by the Astrological support.
  • Complete handholding, mentoring and follow-up of his clientele.


I would like to appreciate that Ajay Shastri is a professional astrologer in today’s world. His predictions are entirely correct and further the way he explains the same. It is my personal experience.

  – Goge Ramesh, Mumbai

Thanks Shastri for the appointment and providing me with reality rather than fantasies, I am more interested to know reality rather than fantasies.

–  Paul Nitin, USA

 Consultation Details:

For a personal consultation, you can contact Ajay Shastri on +91-7837827129.